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Anyone know who made these excellent sheets? I love them a lot but hope the original designer can fix the two typos on the Force Sensitive Exile sheet. The first two talents on the second row have errors in them.

That would be me. :D


There aren't any force users in my group so I haven't looked at that tree in a while. Thanks! I will update immediately.


Update: Here are the new Links

Force Sensitive Exile






Hey, thanks for the super fast turnaround. Your sheets rock. :)  Any chance you did or will do the career talent trees in the same color scheme?

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Just a thought: anyone know of a good sheet to track the of the party's ship? I would find that amazingly useful to have on hand. . .


The one in the book isn't too bad. I used it as a jumping off point for my weapon sheet.

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Here are some great links with maps, tiles, and map making resources:

Some decent ship/station maps:


A set of interior and exterior map tiles. Originally intended for Legions of Steel:


Fifty tiles that can be combined in many ways to make up an imperial base or ship:


The extremely talented Chris West of Maps of Mastery has made a selection of tiles available on his website:


Recently ArmoredGear7 (half of the awesome Armored Cartographer team) posted a link to a set of map making resources here:


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I'm working on an index now, just a simple excel spreadsheet, don't know about all this technical who-ha stuff. Seems people were discussing it a while back, and no one has come up with anything, so a simple excel spreadsheet be coming up!


Edit: turns out i was wrong, there has been headway on the online version


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