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Enemies of the Imperium, a Supplement for Only War, is On Sale Now

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“There are powers in the galaxy that do not know virtue, mercy, or honest worth. They would tear down the Emperor’s light if they could, for no other reason than to see it go out. Men of the Guard! Remember that the Emperor’s light will never falter. Remember that no power in the galaxy rivals Him on Earth! Do not fear the threats and taunts of those marauders, for they utter them knowing the true fear that is the Emperor’s Wrath! No force can take this fortress whi-!”
- Final words of Colonel Frederic Yorke of the 199th Argosi Heavy Infantry, at the Agony of Ironwall Garrison

Steel your nerves, guardsmen, because Enemies of the Imperium, an Only War supplement, is now available at your local retailer and through our webstore! A guide to the deadly adversaries of the Spinward Front, Enemies of the Imperium contains terrible new evils to vanquish in the name of the Emperor.

IG05_5978_DaBiggestandBaddest_JacobAtienFoes, Formations, and More

Battle for the fate of the Imperium across the Spinward Front, and face off against terrible enemies like the Ork Meganobz and the dreadful Chaos Space Marines. The rebels of the Severan Dominate are stirring up trouble, while the Orks of Waaagh! Grimtoof are determined to crush all in their path.

Enemies of the Imperium also contains rules for Formations, so GMs can run streamlined combats on a squad scale. Plus, Veteran Talents, Kill Markers, and new Medals provide bonuses and abilities for the tough and stalwart guardsmen who have completed worthy deeds on the battlefield.

New information about factions, battlefields, and the politics of war in the Spinward Front will give GMs the necessary details to enhance Only War campaigns and create detailed encounters for players.

A Word from the Developer

Lead developer Max Brooke shares some insight on Enemies of the Imperium:

The Imperial Guard is defined by both the stalwart valor of its soldiers and the terrible odds these troopers face whenever they take the field. From xenos monstrosities to the horrors that humans make of themselves to things more chilling still, the Spinward Front is filled savage enemies who can test the bodies and wills of even the most renowned and stubborn soldiers of the Imperial Guard.

Enemies of the Imperium is a primer for Game Masters that covers the brutal foes Imperial Guardsmen struggle against in the Spinward Front. This volume contains deadly enemies ranging from scornful Dark Eldar Incubi to fearsome Ork Squiggoths to Chaos Space Marines, the forsaken champions of the Dark Gods. In addition to the profiles for these and many other dreadful foes, Enemies of the Imperium includes tactics for deploying each of these threats against your Player Characters to create challenging and memorable combat encounters.

Beyond these tactical matters, Enemies of the Imperium also focuses on the strategic position of each faction of foes in the Spinward Front. The Severan Dominate struggles desperately to maintain its position even as the Orks of Waaagh! Grimtoof barrel heedlessly down upon it (and anyone else they happen to encounter). Meanwhile, the Children of Thorns Kabal pursues its secretive agendas while stoking the fires of conflict for reasons unknown. Other factions have also flocked to the fertile war-ground that is the Spinward Front. Kroot mercenaries stalk the worlds of this realm, taking their pay from anyone who offers it or hunting worthy prey, and Chaos warbands carry out their vile depredations upon targets left vulnerable by the turmoil, seeking plunder, corrupted relics, or merely to venerate their Dark Gods through bloodshed. Each of these groups has its own objectives, strategies, and methods, and Enemies of the Imperium sheds light upon their actions in the Spinward Front and the violent battles they fight—with the Imperial Guard and with each other.


Enemies of the Imperium is full of resources to help Game Masters tell new stories and wage new wars in the Spinward Front, and I'm looking forward to hearing about the desperate ingenuity and bitter victories of Player Characters standing against the foes and challenges this volume provides.

Thanks, Max! Purchase your copy of Enemies of the Imperium at your local retailer or on our webstore today, and prepare for the fight of your life!

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