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Online RPG - SW Edge of the Empire

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Since I'm running a EoTE game on Roll20 myself, I wanted to add to the tips that were posted on page 1. 



The token method works, but you might also try creating a Deck. Find two pictures, preferably the same size (I found the same star wars symbol, one red and one white). Set one to be the 'card back' and the other to be the card. You only need 1 card in your deck, check the setting to have the number of cards be unlimited. Now throw some cards on the table and badda bing badda boom! You've got destiny tokens that you can actually flip (Right Click>Flip Card). It's the closest thing to a real table since... a real table. 


Dice Rolling

If you're a Roll20 supporter with API access, you can use the much more advanced EoTE Dice Roller. If you're like me and want to go free you can still set up a fairly nice free solution. It does take some set up time though, I recommend spreading it out over a week or two, you have to gather players and do character create, so you should have some time.


1) Go to the online dice roller,


2) Roll each dice type and get pictures of every dice face (Success, Blank, DoubleSuccess, etc.) If you're on windows, you can use the very convenient 'Snipping Tool' (click on start menu, type 'Snipping Tool' in the search, should pop right up). Focus on keeping them the same size, it doesn't have to be perfect. You get good at it after the first dozen...


3) Now that you have all the images, create a Roll Table in Roll20. Let's start with Ability, you'll load all the pictures into the 'Ability' table, then assign the proper probabilities. You can use the table in the book, or the real dice. For instance, if there are 2 'Success' faces, assign '2' to that image. Continue for all dice.


4) You're almost there, now you just have to create a macro. I'll include the meat of the one I use below, some of it will change depending on how you named your roll tables, but this is the gist.


/roll ?{Ability|0}t[Ability]+?{Proficiency|0}t[Proficiency]+?{Difficulty|0}t[Difficulty]+?{Challenge|0}t[Challenge]+?{Boost|0}t[boost]+?{Setback|0}t[setback]


The roll table syntax would normally be 1t[Ability] = roll 1 of the 'Ability' table. The ?{Ability|0} syntax makes a pop up that asks for a user input, the |0 means the default is 0 if nothing is input. 


If you've done everything correctly, when you roll the Roll20 window will pop up with your images just as you specified. Your players can mouse of them and it'll tell you what each 'face' is called, 'DoubleSuccess', 'ThreatFailure' etc. This can help players who are new to the game and forget the symbols.


Character Sheet

When creating your Roll20 campaign, you can select from two EoTE character sheets. Only one is availbe for free, but it has everything you'll need in a nice fill-able form. Just go into the Roll20 launcher, go to the 'Characters' tab in the top right, and start adding characters. You can assign them to individual players, although anyone without 'Controlled By' won't see them. I've put 'Controlled By' to 'All Players' and trust them not to mess with each others, I wanted everyone to be able to see each others sheets. 


This should give you more or less everything you need to get a game going on Roll20. Well, except for the hardest part - player recruitment. 



(Unrelated to EoTE, I've found 'GIMP' is an amazing tool for token creation. It can do many a wondrous thing once you figure it out, and is free. In particular, it lets you create images with transparent backgrounds. So you can make tokens without a big white box outlining them or the like)

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This is my first post on the forum, but don't hold that against me, I've been lurking a long time.


I very much would love to play with a group online (as a player). I'll play on any voice-based medium, be it Google, Skype, or both, and I'll use any (free-to-access) online programs and such that the group/GM wants to use.


I've done a lot of forum RPG in my days; but only have limited experience with classic tabletop (I believe is the correct term; please correct me if I'm wrong) RPGs. I have GM'd a little bit of EOTE with a few friends; but we haven't done enough for me to call myself anything other than a "new player", and I would definitely like to take a player seat.


I can play a lot of different times throughout the week, so I'm not gonna list everything, if you talk to me about playing with you, I can make sure that that time works, but it probably will. I am on the East Coast of USA (EST); and like to go to sleep by midnight; preferably ending by 11:00 PM (though if we have a couple minutes of run-over; I can probably handle it).


I won't always have access to a web-cam (in case that matters).


I've got the EOTE Core Rulebook [and Beginner Game; but that's not of much consequence]; and I feel very familiar and confident with the system and information overall. There are a few areas I'm a little rough on, but I'm a fast learner in a group. (I'm 100% up for playing an EOTE game; an AOR game; or a mix game. But since I only have the EOTE Core Rulebook; I'll need help for making an AOR character if that's what's being played; or to play a spec or species that is in one of the additional books.)


As far as playing/the group goes: I don't care whether the group does published adventures or ones created by others/the GM. My personal preference is a mixture, but I'm good either way.


If possible; I'd like to join before an adventure or campaign; so as I'm not coming into the middle of something. I feel confident about playing, but not that confident about stepping into the middle of something I'm not originally a part of. If this is my only choice though, I'll take it, :)


I'd like not to play in a group that's more than 6 Players (including me) + GM. And as far as character roles go, I've always loved to be a role-filler; so, I'll gladly work with a group of players to be a character that helps them be a more-rounded group.


So yeah, you can contact me in reply to this; Private Message me here; or send me an email at .


Really looking forward to a response, I'd really love to play with a group online.

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I have been running my main weekly recurring game on Roll20 since last September. We basically use Roll20 and Google Hangouts to make it all run.


I've seen Destiny tokens done multiple ways. If you don't flip map pages too often, it's better to go with the multi-sided token approach since it has the closest feel to using actually Destiny tokens. If you switch up map pages like a maniac, then you'd be better off using the card deck approach since the card hands transfer without effort when switching pages often.


For initiative, I also use two separate tokens as someone mentioned previously. One labelled PCs and one labelled NPCs. I simply add as many turns on the Init Tracker for each as needed. For the init values I use the successes as the first digit then a decimal point followed by the advantages (example: 3 success 2 advantage = 3.2). That way I can use the Init Tracker to auto-sort the turn order.


PC tokens are set to use the tracker bars as Wounds and Strain. The bar sizes are set to the thresholds and as they take Wounds or Strain, the bars start to fill. If the bar overflows, then they know their character is incap.


The player handouts tab is incredibly useful. I made player handouts for a lot of different information such as the group's Obligation table, etc.


Personally I found the music interface to be poor, but another Roll20 GM informed me that he gets around that by making his own SoundCloud account and uploading the music he wants to it that way he can search his own account through Roll20's SoundCloud interface. Seemed overly laborious to me for the gain, but your mileage may vary.

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Let me add another vote in favor of the Roll20, Google Hangouts, and EotE Tools App setup. The Tools add the dice rolling and Destiny point token system, so there's no need for your own unique method of Destiny point tracking.

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I wanted to say that I'm still looking for a group to play with online. I want to play over a voice service and do not want to GM. Still very excited and anxious to play in a game/group, so even if you have or know a group that isn't ready for new players but may be in the future, let me know.


Also, are there any other good places online that I could look for a group to join in on for EOTE/AOR?

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