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Cubing for chrismata

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(This post was meant to be sent to user chrismata who ffg mailed a friend resquest from, but since I cannot find that user via the friend finder or message function I write this post instead. The message contained a question about my now defunct CoC LCG Cube).

Sadly I took my cube apart, mainly to build decks but also because I had no-one to draft with. I never even got around to putting together a list of the cards I used. Should have done that at least but alas.

The biggest problem with the cube was having enough cards to build 2-3 faction decks after drafting. Since you have 8 factions (compared to five in Magic) you have a much harder time getting enough cards, especially since you can¨'t fill up your decks with lands after drafting and splashing a few cards is really hard.

What I would urge you to do is build a cube of 540 cards (I had 60 of each faction and 60 neutrals). Drafting was done with four boosters of 15 cards each which means the cube can be used by up to eight people. Boosters also has to be stacked (just as you do in most magic cube drafts) so that at least one card of each faction is in each pack. This takes some setup but means that packs won't be filled with just two or three factions (very important if you draft with less than eight people). That's the basics and works quite ok.

What I found to be a bit harder due to the limited card pool was choosing which cards should be in the cube and which should not. Just cut the chaff and use those cards you like I would say, I have built a 360 card All Commons cube for magic and that meant some tough choices. In CoC there just isn't enough cards to make cube-building all that fun.

In the end though, hit me up on skype as and we can talk more about cubing with CoC. I had a great time the few times I got to do it, but since that was so rarely and since cubing isn't that deep with such a shallow card pool I went back to building decks instead. Would love to help you out though and even though I haven't got my own cube around I could still help you out with things like themes and what cards work in a one-off draft enviroment and which do not.

Best regards.

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