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My Mi-Go Deck Build: Please Comment

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Dear all,

I recently got back into the game of CoC and am experimenting with several deck build focusing on specific theme.  My objective is to make thematic decks which is competitive to play with and not underwhelmed which is often the case when decks are designed to focus a particular theme.  I hope you like the below deck.  Following is also a discussion of strategy and how I have build it.

Character (27)
Ageless Mi-Go (SoA) x3
Harvesting Mi-Go (TTB) x3
Mi-Go Caretaker (MoE) x3
Mi-Go Commander (SoA) x3
Mi-Go Guard (TSC) x3
Mi-Go Scout (Core) x3
Mi-Go Warrior (Core) x3
Mi-Go Surgeon (SoA) x3
Black Dog (***) x3
Support (10)
Inter-dimensional Transporter (TTB) x3
Mi-Go Skull (IT) x1
Specimen Room (MoE) x2
Infernal Obsession (TAD) x2
The Cavern of Flame (ItDoN) x1
The Vale of Pnath (SftSK) x1
Event (14)
Mi-Go Dreams (SotD) x1
Horrid Mutation (Core) x2
Agoraphobia (Core) x3
Blind Submission (Core) x2
Scotophobia (Core) x3
Power Drain (Core) x3
Total Card: 51
When most of the Mi-Go characters are made available in the CoC line-up, I am intrigue with the synergistic relationship each Mi-Go character can give to another.
Initially when I was building the Mi-Go, I thought of only making it as a mono-Shub deck but find it too difficult to win in games.  Two reasons for this to happen.  One is Mi-Go's weaknesses against characters with Terror Icons and two is the lack of control that can be exerted on a player to allow time for the Mi-Go player to play most of his characters. 
Furthermore, without the ability of Inter-dimensional Transporter and Harvesting Mi-Go, it was slow to put the Mi-Go characters into play.  Now, we can see very much Mi-Go can be "rushed" to the board.
This move me to consider the use of Hastur control cards which is mainly Blind Submission, Infernal Obsession, Caverns of Flame, and Agoraphobia.  Earlier on, in dealing with the lack of Terror Icons, I have relied on Optic Warehouse, Vale of Pnanth, and Horrid Mutation.  
I find Optic Warehouse as not being so efficient as it requires payment of 2 resource and only affect the Terror struggle on a single story card.  As such, I have removed it and replaced it with Scotophobia where my opponents loses all Terror icon in each of his characters.  This provide me with greater flexibility to attack or defend stories.   Furthermore, Scotophobia is an event card so I can just surprise my opponent once they have committed their characters to the stories.  The other two cards (i.e. Vale of Pnanth and Horrid Mutation) are quite useful.  For Vale of Pnanth, you don't need to pay in order to activate its ability. In addition Vale of Pnanth is also useful when going against human faction that rush to win on Investigation.
Later through development of this deck, I have put in Scalpel (Hastur), but dislike the fact that it is an attachment because once your character is removed, the attachment is gone and it can only remove an icon.
In my earlier deck list, I had Bred to Survive but never felt  compelled to play it especially when I had one or more Ageless Mi-Go in play.
When Black Dog arrives, I find it has been a tremendous help in boosting the winning rate of this deck.  It act as a surprise blocker and also punishes any characters committed to a story alone which do not have enough combat icons or toughness to protect them.  It gives me time to slowly spam my army of Mi-Go.
The Mi-Go can act as formidable units. For example, when a friend was playing with my deck, he had Mi-Go commander out and  Mi-Go guard in play with another 2 Mi-Go on the board.  I was playing Agency-Miskatonic Investigation deck but had difficulty attacking a story due without having to wound one of my character and destroying it as the Mi-Go Guard had at that time 6 combat icons!! 1 from itself, 4 from the additional combat icons for each Mi-Go in-play and another 1 from Mi-Go commander.
Furthermore, often the Ancient One factions have problem dealing with the human Factions with investigation icons.  But not with Mi-Go when you have Mi-Go Scout in play.
I am still debating whether to put in one or more Specimen Room. Currently, I have two but thinking of removing to put into place another Mi-Go Skull.
Somehow, I find Specimen Room has proven to be very useful when playing against playing that relies heavily on recursion strategies such as those using Shub: Dark-Young deck and Yog and even the annoying use Hydra to put into play Deep One characters from the discard pile.  When it is not destroyed, specimen room can provide tremendous skill advantage to the Mi-Go making it difficult for opponents to win stories.
This is a very good card that I have utilise to suddenly pull my opponent's characters to my side causing them to lose their story struggles and the occasions arise, use my opponent's character as fodder for insanity or as meat shield.
In the early games, when I don't have Power Drain, I often have players who target my Mi-Go characters with trigger effects such as sacrifice, destruction or be driven insane which mess up my calculation.  With Power Drain, it has effectively counter such problem.
In many games, I don't find myself using Mi-Go Dream but I put one into the deck for just-in-case purpose.
Many may be thinking why I don't have Mi-Go observer in my deck.  It is just because I don't have it at the moment.  Will be putting 2 into the deck replacing Mi-Go Warrior as I don't often find myself using the Warrior's ability to cancel a wound especially when Ageless Mi-Go is in play.
This deck has to be careful when the stories Through the Gates or Rotting Away are in play because it can significanty kill the Mi-Go and their synergistic ability.  In addition, this deck has challenges going against Yog deck that specialises on sacrifice and character removal such as Faceless  Abductor, Many Angled Thing, Fishers from Outside, Pushed into the Beyond,  Cursed Skull, Calling Down the Ancient, Initiation of Glaaki, and Single Glimpse.  At this moment, I find the Yog cards are a bane to the Mi-Go deck.
Also, this deck will have challenges in dealing with Miskatonic if Station Eismitte is in play and it will prevent the use of Hastur control cards targeted at the Scientists and Explorers.
I hope you like my deck.  Any suggestions for improvement or variants are very much welcomed. :-)


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