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Campaign "Shadow Rune" question

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Hi everybody, i have a question about the campaign system in Descent 2

The rule book says "the winner of the prevoius quest will choose the next quest …. player must choose a quest from the current Act"

i have different opinion with my friends about how to choose the next quest 

In my opinion isn't forbidden to choose an act2 quest that doesn't match with the act  quest played, the only rule to remember is that  "If a certain Act 1 Quest was not played during the campaing, it is considered to be won by the overlord for purposes of choosing the corrisponding Act 2 quest"

i try to explain with an example , if i'm an overlord in act2 phase of a campaign can i choose  "the twins idol" even if we haven't played "The Masquerade Ball" ?

What are your opinion?

Thank you !

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