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Chicago, IL AGoT Regional June 22, 2013 Results

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The Chicago Regional took place at Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL.  We had 28 AGoT players attend, and packed the Gaming room to near bursting.  This is the largest Regional we've had in the Chicagoland area over the last few years.  This due to the growing Metas in Chicago and Illinois in general.


Tournament Breakdown:

28 Players; 5 Rounds of Swiss.


Top 8 after Swiss.

1 Hank (Lanni, None[Kevan Lannister], Pentoshi Manor)

2 Gerry (Lanni, CoS, Venomous Blade)

3 Tom (Lanni, HoD, Pentoshi Manor)

4 Sean (Bara, TLV, Knight of Flowers)

5 Adam (Greyjoy, TLV, Island Refugee)

6 Derrick (Targ, TMP, TMP)

7 Ken (Lanni, PBtT, Castellian)

8 Jeff (Greyjoy, TLV, S&D)


Top 4

Jeff v Adam

Gerry v Tom


Top 2

Jeff v Gerry





House Breakdown:

Bara             3

Greyjoy        5

Lanni           6

Martell         1

Stark            6

Targ             7


Agenda Breakdown:

Black Sails 1

CoS 1

HoD 3

None 7 (Kevan Lannister 1; Kindly Man 2)

PBtT 1

TLV  11


SoW 1

Free Folk/Lost Giants/ Blood of the First Men 1


Restricted Card:

Castellan of the Rock 2

Fear of Winter 3

Fury of the Kraken 2

Island Refugee 1

Knight of Flowers 1

Long Lances 2

Meera Reed 1

None 2

Pentoshi Manor 3

Refugee of the Plains 1

Retaliation 1

S&D 2


Val    2

Venemous Blade   2

Viper Bannermen  1

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