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Tournament tie breaker

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I was playing through some scoring examples for the FFG tournament format and came across a situation I couldn't figure out the best  answer for.


The situation involves three players that end on equal scoring, A, B, and C. Player A has the hightest strength of schedule, then player B and finally player C. However Player C has beaten player A during the rounds. Would the final scheduling be:

  •    A, B, C, or
  •    B,C,A, or
  •    C,A,B.

Player A has scored better than player B, but player C should be above player A. The first order ends up respecting the strength of schedule, the second uses the strength of schedule but then adjusts losers below anyone who beat them and the third bumps player C to the top so they are above A, but moves B down to the bottom because A still did better.


As an extra question on breaking ties the rules talk about identical win-loss records but there is win, modified win and loss records. Does a player who has 3 wins and 2 losses do better or worse than a player that has 5 modified wins (both has 15 match points)? I know that the 5 and 3 points makes it hard to get to situations where the wins are the same, except for the given example above.

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I would say C, A, B.   The tournament rules say that if there is a tie (on total tournament points) then you go to who beat who.  After that you use the sum of opponents' tournament points.

Like you, I do not understand why they say in the Scoring section "These points are used to determine the winner of the tournament,…" and then in the next sentence mention win-loss records.  I've found the tournament document to be very contradictory in a few places. 

Just discuss it with your group and determine results how you want.  Just make sure it is clear before the event.  My group just held a tournament and determined results based on Win-Loss record and then strenght of schedule (sum of opponents' wins).   We did not use FFG's scoring system at all.

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