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The Time Has Come to Save Our World

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Many of us never discover who we are until reforged by the crucible of adversity, and adversity is plentiful in Arkham’s mysterious museum. From lurking monsters to the strange and twisted powers that seem to determine the fates of those brave enough to enter the exhibits, anything could happen.

Unseen Forces, the first expansion for Elder Sign, is now on sale at your local retailer!

With even more cruel twists of fate and terrifying new adventures, Unseen Forces will lay bare the true natures of all who encounter them. No one will leave the museum without a glimpse into their own deepest selves, assuming, of course, that anyone makes it out alive. Will your team of investigators be handed a blessing, as they work bravely against the wicked machinations of evil? Or, will their missteps be punished with a curse? Find out in Unseen Forces.

Against All Odds

SL15-cardfan-ancientones.pngHellish new Ancient ones like Abhoth and Glaaki stir in their sleep, while tears in the fabric between our world and theirs manifest in the form of gates to Other Worlds. Only a few daring Investigators are aware of the coming doom, and it is these brave souls who must face the horrors within the museum. 

Unlikely teammates like Marie Lambeau the entertainer, Wilson Richards the handyman, and more will find themselves drawn together to hold off the impending rise of the Great Old Ones.


The newly remodeled entrances will provide much-needed aid to the few who dare to venture inside the walls of the gloomy museum. The First Aid Station can heal battered Investigators, while the Chapel can bestow Blessed cards upon the lucky few who can afford to win fate’s favor.

Unseen Forces includes forty-one brand new adventures to test the will, as well as the sanity and stamina of your Investigators, while fierce new monsters and tough new penalties conspire to derail progress and punish failure.

All the while, the ticking of the clock is a constant reminder of the terrible fate that awaits our world should you fail.

Learn more about what lurks in the museum’s exhibits with our past previews, and formulate a plan of attack with the complete rules on the Support page. Then, gather your friends, steel your nerves, and venture once more into the museum, with Elder Sign: Unseen Forces, available now at your local retailer!

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