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A Race Through the Streets

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In Letters from Whitechapel, designed by Gabriele Mari and Gianluca Santopietro, one player takes on the role of the Jack the Ripper. The other players become Police detectives, trying to deduce Jack’s location and arrest him before he can commit any more horrific murders.

LFH_rules_DLC-THM.pngPlayed over four Nights, Letters from Whitechapel immerses players in the terror gripping London’s Whitechapel district. This thrilling one-versus-many game features a series of phases carried out by one team or the other, as Jack plans his kills while the Police work together to close in on him.

Over the past several weeks, in a series of in-depth previews, we have roamed the streets with the Ripper, joined the hunt with police detectives, and looked at optional rules to up the difficulty for both sides. Today, with the release of Letters from Whitechapel just a few weeks away, we are pleased to present the full rulebook, so you can prepare for your own game of cat-and-mouse in the streets of the Whitechapel district.

Head to our support page to download the official rulebook (pdf, 9.5 MB), and then keep your eyes out for news of the release of Letters from Whitechapel!

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