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REQUEST: FantasyFlightGames Autocard Window

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Stackexchange has added support for the Wizards of the Coast Auto-Card window API. This allows users of stackexchange to use syntax like this [mtg:The Cheese Stands Alone] and it transforms into a link that opens an Auto-Window showing that card with data pulled from the WotC website.

Now I'm an old Netrunner fan become a new Netrunner fan become a new Fantasy Flight Games fan. Can't wait to make more money so I can check out more games (I'm a city government employee so I make barely enough to live on). I'm always interested in blogging about my favorite game, and I would love the ability to provide card images in my blog posts, maybe even links that pop open a window showing said cards.

Is there any chance that Fantasy Flight Games might be introducing this idea and an API for developers like myself to include this as, say a WordPress plugin or a Drupal module? Some way for the fans to reference cards and combos on their blogs and sites and still give FFG full control?

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