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Raising Attributes

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Does anyone else feel that we should be able to increase our attributes using in game XP, besides the Dedication talent?

Hear me out. During character creation, I recall it costs 10 x the next desired attribute score to raise an attribute up. I agree with this.

I'm not sure, but can we do the same thing after character creation? I would even be okay with a 10x plus 10. I don't want it to be too easy, but I do think it should be possible.

I'm all for keeping the Dedication talent at 25xp, where I believe it is a reward for working your way up the talent tree.





No. I don`t feel that raising attributes would benefit the way this system emulates Star Wars and the genre any. Han Solo got more experienced, he didn`t beef up.

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I really like the attribute system, and it makes perfect sense to only be able to raise characteristics at creation and it being advised to spent most of the starting xp on characteristics instead of skills.


I also don't see it as min-maxing, quite the contrary:


If you want to play a character that is good with words (for lack of broader description) it makes sense for him to have a high cunning. if you want to play some unfriendly street brawler, it makes sense if he might be on the brawnier side.

Since the species determines so little about your character (even a chadra fan can become a melee monster), the characteristics - surprise - characterise your character.


ed: because the sentences I wrote before made no sense xD

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I agree with the OP, in a way. I like the way the game has it set up that you have to get Dedication in order to raise an attribute, but not all talent trees are created equally. Now, a lot of players are going to gun it towards Dedication, but the talent trees are wildly different in terms of talent value. So we implemented this house rule:


"You may swap any talent with any other talent of the same cost, within one talent tree. You may also choose swap the talent with one of a lower cost, but you'll still have to pay the same higher price of the two.  You may only use this swap method once per talent tree, and no, you can't skip to an improved version of a talent."


It makes it slightly better to get dedication, while balancing it so that some players aren't getting the short end of the stick due to the way the GM plays, or if the talent tree just flat out sucks.



Definitely broken. Force user for instance, grabs Exile for 20 experience, swaps Forager (5xp) for Force Rating, grabs it for 25 experience. Then grabs Emergent for 30 experience, swaps Indistinguishable (5xp) for Force Rating, grabs it for 25 experience. 100 experience for a Force Rating of 3, as opposed to a minimum of 220 if you were to work your way through each of the trees.


Slicer? Swap Master Slicer out for Codebreaker (5xp) and spend 25 experience, as opposed to 95. Now a relatively new/inexperienced slicer can turn anything into easy skill checks as long as they've got the strain to burn.


Heavy? Swap Rain of Death with Barrage (5xp). 20 experience instead of 165. Now the player is free to auto-fire without the increased difficulty.



Or let's say you just kept it at being able to swap equal experience value talents. Well, that Pressure Point talent is going to look a heck of a lot more tempting to a Brawler, since now he can swap out Dodge with Dedication, he just needs to cough up 20 experience for Anatomy Lessons, and then he's right on his way to upping a characteristic.



Putting aside the fact that this makes min-maxing impossibly easy for players, but the point of how the trees are structured, and why a number of them are set up in their very linear way, is because it's meant to show character growth. These are tricks and things the player is supposed to have picked up by dedicating themselves to something. And while they may not be perfect in a skill, the talents represent things the character has learned through their experiences as ways to help overcome the various tasks. So it doesn't make any sense for somebody who's an inexperienced trader to either just start off with the Master Merchant talent, or to have easier access to it, when they character has little understanding and experience in trading (represented by Wheel and Deal, Black Market Contacts, and Natural Negotiator talents).

I have to say that in my opinion the one talent swap ISN'T A HORRIBLE house rule (it would certainly cut down on the number of homebrew specialization trees, home brew spec trees aren't necessarily/inherrently bad but they tend to include a lot of cherry picked talents) provided that it has some restrictions added


The restrictions that I would place on it are

1) you can only customize your starting spec and only at the time of character creation

2) you can't swap in a talent that doesn't occur in at least 2 official trees (rules out pressure point at least for now because only the doctor has it, I also think that only the mechanic has bad motivator)

3) after swapping in a talent, you can't have more copies of that talent in the tree than the official tree with the second most copies of the talent (so you can't have 2 copies of Dedication in the tree and it also limits the number of "deadly accuracy" to I think 1, so far I think that only the sharp shooter has 2 copies so you would only be able to have 1 copy in your spec tree, and I don't know if any spec other than mystic has 2 force ratings)

4)  you can only swap in equal or lower cost talents (for the higher cost location and price) and the xp of the swapped in talent can't be any lower than the second lowest cost in any official tree (so no to a 5 xp well rounded because it only appears once in archeologist),

5) if the talent keys of one or more skills, you can only swap it in if the spec or a career the spec is in has it has at least one of the skills as a career skill (even if pressure point is ever featured in a second official spec, it could only be swapped into specs that have medicine as a career skill or are featured in careers that have medicine as a career skill, so commando, sharpshooter, and medic and maybe a handful of others would be candidates to get pressure point If and only if pressure point was ever featured in a second official spec, which I don't think it would be)

6) **INSTEAD*** of swapping one talent you may swap 1 career skill in the spec or career it is featured in.


so to be clear, I am not advocating this as a house rule for everyone not even saying it is one I would allow at my table, I'm just stating that this is the minimum set of restrictions that I would require BEFORE CONSIDERING IT as a house rule to let my players customize their starting specs, so that their starting specs reflect the vision they have for their characters a little bit more.

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