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Time to say goodbye..

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Well. The time has come for me to let go of this game as well as space hulk 3rd Ed.

ive held these games for years, always telling myself I would get to playing them.

between not playing either for nearly a year and also beig in a financially tight spot. I have decided to sell them off

i thought I'd post here to give you guys a chane of picking them up (especially 3rd Ed) without the mad bidding and crazy prices on eBay.

ill accept any reasonable offer for either game. I don't expect more then 15$ for death angel. However it's 3rd Ed that I am trying hardest to sell.

the game is in mint condition and has only been played a few times 

PM me if you're interested 



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id like to see a whole new box with a brand new enemy while i would love black Templar vs word bearers idk but that's a personal favorite match up because of both religious zeal maybe even let you play as csm vs the game something new.

Also i was thinking a campaign/gauntlet idea were dead teams stay dead after each mission but surving teams get war gear like +2 to saves or kill an extra nid on each hit something along those lines yea it'll be hard but challenges are always fun.  I havent played this game in nealry 2 years though so i maybe my memory is alittle hazy on how good i actually was.

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