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The Palace Gates are Open

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Amongst the steamy canals of Venice, the invitations arrive for the old nobility of the city. The Doge is holding a masquerade ball to celebrate the Carnival! It might seem like a party, but in Venice, everyone wants something, and every action has a purpose. Whether one desires the favor of the guilds or just cold, hard ducats, each family must walk the marble hallways of the palace, hire agents to do their unsavory tasks, and pave their own way to the golden throne of the City of Water.

The political maneuvers and posturing of Masques are now available in your local retail store and on our webstore! Masques is a card game for two to four players, each of whom controls a powerful family at the Doge’s palace in Venice. The prize of the party is the favor of the Venetian guilds, and by clever positioning, a family can gather the influence it needs to gain control over Venice. But the road to power requires more than just the use of one’s own family. Outside help will be necessary, and there are plenty of agents available for the family that cares to hire them. After all, no price is really to high to pay in order to become the real rulers of Venice.


Balance your Efforts in the Palace

At the beginning of a game of Masques, players set up the palace of the Doge, and seed favor and ducats throughout the hallways. If players want to gain favor with a guild, they will need to strategically place influential members of their family in the halls, but there is always some kind of competition waiting. If an opponent’s family members are more important, they will win the duel for money or influence, leaving your own family shut out in the cold.

Although favor is the path to victory in Masques, a wise player will also devote himself to more economic concerns. The number of members in a player’s family is limited, and not all family members are created equal. Only by skillful placement and deduction will players be able to determine what is the most important use of their own limited resources.


Enlist the Lowborn to Aid You

Even a noble family cannot accomplish every task easily, and sometimes, a less recognizable person is better. For the price of a few ducats, players can hire a member of lower society to help. Assassins and thieves, gondoliers, courtesans, and more are willing to lend their special talents to the help of their employer. But beware, these agents know exactly how much they are worth—and as they are employed more and more, their prices increase drastically.


The invitations have arrived, and the party is beginning! Masques is now available at your local retail store and at our webstore. Check out the rules on the support page, then claim your place and join the dance of power today!

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