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The Art of War

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During the endless battle for the fate of mankind, members of the Imperial Guard must be ever vigilant as they work tirelessly to destroy threats to the Imperium. This means constant training, and an ever expanding understanding of what must be done to ensure the continued future of humanity. Only War’s lead developer, Max Brooke, is here to issue new orders to the soldiers of the Imperium.

IGP03-thumbnail.pngThe battlefields of the 41st Millennium are chaotic, violent places where command can break down at a moment's notice. For the soldiers of the Imperial Guard, clear orders can mean the difference between death at the hands of deadly xenos or traitors and narrow survival to fight another day. Though no soldier in the Spinward Front can escape these dangers forever, we are pleased to offer some clarity and closure to the stalwart veterans of Only War.

We have compiled the Only War Living Errata based on feedback and rules questions from dedicated and inquisitive fans. This document contains clarifications and common rules questions for the Only War Core Rulebook and Hammer of the Emperor. Look for answers to inquiries about a trooper's Standard Kit and Specialist Equipment, failed Fear Tests, using mechadendrites, and more in version 1.0 of the Only War Living Errata!

Thanks, Max! Download the Only War Living Errata (pdf, 1.2 MB) at our Support page, and brush up on the finer points of war. Then, defend the Imperium in Only War.

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