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Looking for complete dice set

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You have several options:

  1. Buy more dice at outrageous prices
  2. Use an app or online dice roller for WFRP3 dice
  3. Make more dice from blanks with a marker or stickers
  4. Wait until October when they /promise/ that more dice packs will be printed in the You ese of A
  5. Buy a core boxed set for $60 online or used which has stacks of dice
  6. Buy the GMs VAULT which has a dice set in it (these can be found on sale).
  7. Put a dice rolling box between himself and other players and share dice
  8. Take a trip to Europe where dice are still a-plenty (especially Spain I guess)
  9. Buy them out of canada:


Best of luck,



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The fact that all dice look alike will complicate things, should your player decides he wants his own set.  Your Misfortune dice will look like his and in the heat of combat and skill checks, they inevitably get intermixed.  You can sort them out at the end of the session, but the extra effort is my least favorite thing about the otherwise awesome WFRP dice.


When they are cheap and abundant again in October, I'm going to buy a few sets so that nobody else will need to bring their dice.

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If dice are plentiful in Europe, that's news to me ;)


For now dice apps are the best option, and the toolkit that comes with a few extra dice. The latter option gave me enough for a big enough low-level set. I guess I'll also have to rely on myself to bring enough dice once they're officially available again. 

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