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Nekro Virus and Pre-Combat

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Do Nekro Virus copy a technology from an enemy player if he only destroies ships with pre-combat ?


Effects that add to or modify results during “Space Combat”
should be interpreted as during “Space Battles.” Effects that
take place during “Space Battles” or “Invasion Combat” spe
cifically make reference only to variables within the
Battle Sequence
and the
Invasion Combat Sequence
. Thus,
if an ability grants you +1 to your dice during Space battles,
this bonus is only applied during step 2 of the Space Battles
Sequence (“roll combat dice”), and does not affect any other

rolls, including pre-combat effects, PDS, bombardment, etc

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I would say no. From a thematic point of view, pre-combat would be long-range artillery and you'd need to be up close and personal to be able to teleport/shuttle over to the enemy shipwrecks to copy their tech before the last of the system power goes out...

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Based on the FAQ (pg 11)  answer to

Q: Can you acquire the objective: “I destroyed x ships in a

Space Battle” by shooting them with a PDS? What about precombat


A: No, PDS fire happens before the Combat step. All precombat

abilities happen during the Space Battle step, and

therefore count toward the objective.


My assumption is that it would follow similar rules.  Essentially, if you wipe out a fleet with PDS entirely, I'd argue no tech for you, as a space battle never happened, even if you have ships in system.  However, things such as anti-fighter barage and assault cannon, they would still net a technology if you somehow wipe out the fleet before they're allowed to return fire.  For invasion combat, I believe it says on the Nekro race sheet that PDS casualties do not count, so I would argue the same as for space battle.

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