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Warhammer 40,000 LARP at Origins 2013

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The heretics behind Nox Terminus and Pax Obscurum return to the Origins Game Fair with the final chapter in their epic Warhammer 40,000 LARP campaign. Prepare for a unique gaming experience five years in the making!

Warhammer 40,000: Lex Finalis


The Imperial flagship Dominance returns to the Walpurgis Sector after an extended foray into wilderness space only to find the border world of Nastrond besieged by alien aggressors. Undermanned and overextended, the Dominance and her cargo - the legacy of a long-dead Lord-Inquisitor - is all that stands between deliverance and sector-wide oblivion.

Dramatis Personae

Radical Inquisitorial Coterie
Lord-Inquisitor Bellatrix Nightfall – Destroyer of worlds
Old Stewart – Savant, scribe, and psyker thrall
Mort – Man-at-arms
Plaxx – Long-absent hero of the Imperium

Da Teef Breakas
Big Boss Thokk Bluudsplat – Freebooter and mercenary kaptain
Ol’ Bugeyez – Weirdboy on a long leash
Mishtah Wizzzird – Obsessive mekboy tech collector
Dok Gutstich – Maddest of the Mad Doks
Skitz – Scruffy squig herder

The Rulers of Nastrond
Lord-Governor Millicent Blak – Absolute ruler of Nastrond
Sister Valdis – Sororitas, medical & spiritual advisor to the Lord-Governor
Bonded Adjutant Sebastopol Hoft – Administrative assistant to the Lord-Governor
Chancellor Deminimus Frynge – Departmento Munitorum attaché

Crew of the voidship Dominance
Lord-Captain Malifax Randal – Rogue Trader of some renown
Arch-Militant Urik “One Eye” Driskal – Doer of bloody work
Arch-Cartographer Gadevillious Brom – Former Navigator of the Imperial Fleet

The Nastrond Last & Only Imperial Guard Regiment
Lord-General Tyrol Blak – Noble-born Guard commander
Commissar Krystov Valtz – Hero of 30 campaigns & survivor of 31 assassination attempts
“Burning” Hildegard Fel – Primaris Psyker of the first order
Cadet Reech – Rawest of raw recruits
“Handsome” Petrov – Penitent mutant legionnaire
Genetor Nirvash – Combat medicae and augmetic specialist

Puritan Inquisitorial Coterie
Inquisitor Gorderic Zail – Disillusioned Inquisitor passing his prime
Interrogator Elizabeth Cacodeme – Death Cultist and Zail’s bloody right hand
Explorator Guymelef – Archeotech excavation specialist and antiquarian
Elder Harkness – Hierophant with centuries of experience
Apprentice Lillem Fray – Young apprentice Inquisitor

Please send all questions and character requests to KettleOfFishProductions@gmail.com. And for a sample of what's to come, enjoy the Administratum datafile on Nastrond.



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