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New Jersey 6/9 Regional Results

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I won this regional today.  Here are the results and the breakdown:

8 players, cut to top 4.

Rankings after Swiss:

1. Dave S. - Targaryen; KotHH; The Hatchlings' Feast
2. Dan S. - Martell; Treaty to the Isles; Fury of the Sun
3. Mike K. - Greyjoy; Kings of Winter; Kings of Winter
4. Sandy B. - Baratheon; Kings of Summer; Kings of Summer
5. Matt H. - Baratheon; TLV; Highgarden Refugee
6. Jeff B. - Lannister; No Agenda (Ser Kevan); Castellan of the Rock
7. Matt B. - Stark; Siege of Winterfell; Retaliation!
8. Conner P. - Greyjoy; TLV; Island Refugee

Top 4:

1. Dave S. (Targ) def. 4. Sandy B. (Bara)
2. Dan S. (Martell) def. 3. Mike K. (Greyjoy).


1. Dave S. (Targ) def. Dan S. (Martell)

All in all, although we only had 8 players, every house was represented and there was a nice spread of agendas and restricted cards. And everyone had fun. Thanks all.

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Congrats! Knew it was just a matter of time before you won one. And great job by the NYC players in general, taking the top 5 spots.


Now If I can just find a way to totally avoid choke decks between now and worlds… grumble, grumble.

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