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Multiple copies?

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I just bought a WFRP collection including all the books/boxes except "The Enemy Within".
The collection included 2 copies of those books/boxes:
-The Player's Guide
-The Game Master's Guide
-The Player's Vault
-The Game Master's Vault

I've found another source of cheap books/boxes and was wondering if there was anything in this game that would be worth it to buy a second copy?
Stuff like "The Adventurer's Toolkit", "The Creature's Vault" or even adventures with new cards in them like "The Edge of Night"?

I just started reading the rulebook and didn't take a look at all the cards I got yet so not sure if you get enough of all the new cards in an expansion
for all the players or if you get only one copy of every new talent, actions, etc?




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you would certainly not need 2 copies of the creature vault, as you will never need the monster actions twice. you aer the only one using them as GM anyways.

as for other sets. maybe the adventurer's toolkit but i wouldnt recommend it at all. after all you want the PCs to turn out differently, no GM wants 4 PCs with the double strike action card in their hand ;)

if you have everything but TEW you will have more than 500 actions for your players to choose from. that should be enough for a while!

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