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Here is the review I left on Amazon:
The first book of the trilogy was not bad, but this second book totally blew me away. The author goes into convincing detail of cyberpunk corporate politics and law while maintaining tons of action, integrating both into a rich complex plot; and all of this seen through the eyes of an awakening sentient bioroid (robot) who is marooned on the moon by NAPD (but this doesn't slow him down). Drake (the bioroid) catches a break with a great new police chief (his new boss once he is stationed on the moon) who can appreciate his talents and his individuality, and goes undercover investigating events that will have widespread implications on Mars the Earth and the Moon (as well as revealing more about himself and the person his personality was modeled on).
Could not put it down.
Must read especially if you are a fan of the Android universe. (I enjoy Netrunner myself).
Can't wait till the third and final book comes out which promises to follow the curve and be even better than this one. Definitely a detective novel.
5 stars!!!

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