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FULL ADVENTURE: Only Two Ways Home

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With two new adventures coming out from FFG Staff (Free RPG Day and Beyond the Rim), I thought is prudent to show off what us fans can do. Here is a little something I've been working on for the last few weeks.



Only Two Ways Home is a site-based heist / adventure for use with the Star Wars Edge of the Empire roleplaying game. In this scenario, an opportunistic Crew of interstellar misfits agrees to help the Galactic Imperial Navy bring a renegade commander back to face justice for his crimes.


Only Two Ways Home touches on and explores several key motifs that are encouraged by Edge of the Empire. While a wide variety of characters with varying Motivations will find this Heist interesting, those with the character Motivations of Religion/SpiritualityDroid Rights, and Support the Empire will find it especially so.


The title of this Heist comes from a quote from the 1979 film Apocalypse Now!. It describes the sentiments of the primary antagonists of both the film, Colonel Kurtz, and this scenario, Captain Kitano. The previous acts and deeply held moral convictions of these men have left them with a choice of only two options moving forward: victory, or death.


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