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Tsade II information

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I posted this in the Only War forum but thought I would post it here as well since this is a higher traffic area. I'm looking for information on the Calixis sector world Tsade II. Why is explained below:

I recently started an Only War campaign. My players wanted to be from an Agri-world so I looked at the Calixis sector list o' worlds and gave them some options. We ended up with Tsade II and now they are part of the Tsadian 42nd Infantry. I've been coming up for the background for the world since I didn't think there was much that had been officially written on it. Yesterday however, while looking back through the Inquisitor's Handbook, I came across a small entry on current war worlds and Tsade II was mentioned (pg 171). It says that the world was reduced to rubble by an unknown attacking force. I feel like I just inadvertently pulled a Tanith on my pcs! They don’t know about this and I don’t plan to tell them until further on in the campaign (which should make for some interesting rping). 

My question now is this: Is there any more information on Tsade II in other FFG 40k books? I'm really interested in what else FFG may have put out there on this one since I like to stay near the plots and stories they develop.


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