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My Regiment; The 1874th Anovan ‘Blazing Comets'

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Regiment Name: The 1874th Anovan ‘Blazing Comets’
Homeworld: Anovan, a feral world
Regiment Type: Drop Troops
Commanding Officer: ‘Shrieking’ Abena Toquey; Sanguine. Obsessed with the ‘glory of the hunt’ she personally leads her troops headfirst into the hardest missions imaginable with a trademarked terrifying laughter.

Training Doctrines: hardened fighters (applied to knives)
Special Equipment Doctrines: combat drugs
Drawbacks: cult of chivalry
Favoured Weapons: grenade launcher and missile launcher

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Agility, –3 Fellowship, +2 Weapon Skill, and +3 to any 2 of the following: Agility, Strength, Weapon Skill,
Starting Skills: Awareness, Parry and Intimidate or Sleight of Hand, Operate (Aeronautica), 
Starting Talents: Ambush or Frenzy, die hard, Catfall, Street Fighting
Starting Aptitudes

Traits: Fluency, Violence Answers All, Suspicious of Machine Spirits
Wounds: Anovan characters begin play with +2 starting wounds

Standard Kit Contents:
One Laspistol with 2 charge packs , good craftsmanship chainsword, One mono-knife, One grapnel , One dose of stimm and injector, 3 doses of frenzon per squad.
One lascarbine and four charge packs per Player Character (Main Weapon), one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, one grav-chute, two frag grenades and two smoke grenades, One Field Kit.

The planet Anovan is one of high mountains and vast plains of purple sand; turquoise seas but also lakes of acid, and little life. The denizens are known for their ferocity in battle, and often irrational sense of honour; Anovans are blunt, honest and to the point. before battle these semi-savage warriors drink from pools of dessert water, so heavily saturated with salts and deposits of metal that it would drive lesser men insane. The Anovan's however settle for a strange sheen of purple that coats their ebony skin, but bring madness to the battlefield. a custom among Anovans to settle disputes of honour is the engage in 'sky duels' where both combatants take to the skies in hide seqn gliders and viscous blades or even bows and arrows, and the victor is the first to cast his opponent to the ground. when the imperium reconquered Anovan it quickly found a use for the veterans of sky warfare, and though crude they learnt the use of technology quickly, and will employ any weapon given to them. they are deployed as shock troops, plummeting from the sky as glorious dark comets to cause as much disruption as possible. they have particular rivalry with ork storm boys, who they see as the ultimate rivals for the sky, but are eager to match blades with anyone who would dishonour them!

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I like the idea of dropping screaming, drugged-up feral worlders on top of the enemy - effective shock troops, although I imagine they'd have trouble against orks and tyranids! Is this one you came up with for fun or is it part of a campaign?

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