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Corrupted Adeptus Sororitas

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There was/is only one human who was/is truly immune to the temptation of the ruinous powers, but fighting against these powers that human is failed. Now he is half dead, half a guiding consciousness to mankind,and maybe half the way to become a true god. The clones of this very man, the primarch's  was corrupted and turned against each other.. Half of them become traitor and killed the other half (more or less). The clones of the clones the emperor finest soldiers was also corrupted... Brother killed brothers and when the dust sat down half the legions was under the influence of the ruinous powers. 


So regarding that there should be a chance not to be corrupted not immunity against it.


  • In the top of the most loyalist iceberg there are the Grey Knight's of course with a resist like 90%
  • under that there are the fan-girls of the emperor the adepta sororitas, the inquisitors, and other very dedicated individuals chaplains, priest's with exceptional faith and such others  resist like 75%-80%
  • the mid section could be the orphans of the Schola Progenium and the Adeptus Astrates. They are fostered to be loyal and be living icons of the imperium among others in faith. Resist is around 60-65%
  • the lower section is the dedicated and loyal servents of the imperium: Adeptus arbites, Guardsmans, some rouge traders, adepts and others Resist like 40-50%
  • In the water level there are the vast billions of regular, everyday citizens of the imperium, and of course the weak willed servants from the above level(s)   resist could be 20-30%
  •  Under the water you can find the scums of the imperium who can be miserably low both on intelligence and will power or be a criminal but not corrupted ( so far), pirates, hive gangers, and other criminals, corrupt (as a criminal)  officers, adepts and the likes resist is like 10%-20%

To corrupt someone could take time but demons and chaos gods has all the time they need.....

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bogi_khaosa, you seem pretty sure of a lot of things, but they are not in the books that the GW team has written, which is what I'm operating on. Our interpretations of the setting may simply be incompatible.


As I said, if you simply prefer a lesser version of the Sororitas and/or are unable to accept the original fluff for supposedly not "making sense", then go with what you like more. For better or worse, 40k as a franchise allows each of us to cherrypick our vision of the 41st millennium according to our personal preferences.


What *I* find lame is when the Sisters of Battle are made too human, as if they're nothing but "Guardsmen +1", but I can't force my preferences upon you, just like you can't force yours on mine. The only solution then is to agree to disagree.  ;)



I would, however, like to point out that another "whole point of pop middle ages in space theology" is also that corruption can be avoided if you're faithful enough.


"Prayer cleanses the soul, pain cleanses the body."

- Confessor Ganinimus


In fact, I need only to point to the three possibly most well known prayer-words of the IP:


"The Emperor Protects"


Pretty sure this is an all-inclusive deal, as far as the Ecclesiarchy is concerned. Someone who fell / got corrupted / turned traitor would generally be judged with the words "his/her faith was not strong enough". After all, the Emperor Himself needs to be beyond reproach, being their god, so who else could be the guilty party? What exactly differs the corrupted from the uncorrupted?

The idea that anyone, even the most faithful and devout, can get turned any moment, and that there is no protection against the Ruinous Powers at all, is, to me, utterly alien to what the Imperial Creed is about.


Or Catholicism, for that matter. You're not really trying to tell me that stuff like Exorcism or the prayers to St. Michael have nothing to do with fighting corruption, do you?  :huh:

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