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Louisville 2013 Regional at Something2Do

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Congratulations to Robert Graves who just recently seriously bought into the game and dominated the 12 person Regional with his Chaos Brayherd deck!


We had hoped to get to 20 players at this event, but there were several last minute conflicts that came up for several players.

I know what you guys must be thinking, "What another Brayherd deck takes the win?!?" What can we say, in all card games there is a rock paper scissor component to match-ups and at least in this area, Brayherd reigns supreme.

Here is a tournament report by Adam Daulton:

Here are the lists:

1st place :: Robert Graves :: Chaos

Units: 39
3 x Daemon Prince
1 x Fledgling Chaos Spawn
3 x Blue Horrors
2 x Festering Nurglings
3 x Ghorgon
3 x Pink Horrors
3 x Savage Gors
3 x Swarm of Bats
3 x Ungor Raiders
3 x Warhounds
2 x Esli'an
2 x Khorvak Grimbreath
3 x Marauder Chieftain
2 x Savage Forsaken
3 x Sorcerer of Tzeentch

Tactics: 12
3 x Seduced by Darkness
3 x Plague Bomb
3 x Call the Brayherd

Supports: 4
1 x Northern Wastes
3 x Desecrated Temple

|---------- The Rest of the Top 4 ----------|

2nd :: Matt RoBear :: Orcs
3rd :: Adam Daulton :: Orcs
4th :: Brian Chellgren :: Dwarves

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