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Did I accidentally design an unbeatable deck???

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Sooooo…the story is, my GF loves aGOT, and when I got the card game she wanted her very own deck.

Naturally she wanted a Daenerys deck full of dragons.  So I got the box set and assembled a deck for her….

Then we all played…and she wiped us all out, actually without really trying…she didn't mean to. The deck just worked really well.

Each subsequent game the deck has wreaked havoc.

Simply, she easily brings a few dragons into the game, with mutliple copies of these and the hatchling cards counting as further duplicates it's nearly impossible to kill the dragons.

Add a few copies of the Queen of Dragons herself and suddenly those dragon don't bow-- 

I can't remember now, but I think there's even a card in there that gives them stealth….

We've played against them with most all other houses - no one seems to be able to touch 'em.

Am missing something here?

The thing is, my GF likes the game (she really likes the thematic part), but no one wants to play against her deck.

Looking for thoughtful replies and suggestions.


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Can you just confirm - are you playing with one core set plus the Queen of Dragons big box expansion?

Are you playing Melee or Joust?

If you have a limited card pool and are playing melee with the prebuilt decks straight out of the Core Set then yes, that dragon deck will be a power house compared to the others and has an unfair advantage including cards from a Big box expansion!

You could either invest in another Core Set and/or the other big box expansions to beef up the other Houses (and introduce Greyjoy and Martell) , or use the single Core Set to build a more competitively tuned Joust deck and challenge your GF to a Joust match rather than melee.

With one core set your best bet is probably to build a controlling Lannister Deck that kneels the Dragons before they can attack, or a Stark Deck to try and overwhelm them. There are only single copies of powerful plots like Valar in the Core Set so you want to ensure they're all in the one deck!

Check Cardgamedb.com for more info and deck lists. 

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Yes, playing with the basic set and the big box expansion for the house Targaryen.

We are playing Melee

Here is what I have--

Basic set, 

Queen of Dragons, 

Kings of The Sea

Princes of The Sun

Lions of The Rock

I also have several chapter packs




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I would guess that you're where a lot of new players ...  my group ... I was at when first starting the game, and that is not being entirely comfortable with board resets. Valar Morghulis is in probably 80% of decks at least, and if it's not, then there is a specific *reason* why it's not. With one core set, you've got one copy of Valar Morghulis and one copy of Wildfire Assault, and that's not a balanced scenario.

In a melee game, flooding the table with dragons is just asking for a board wipe, if not more than one--more often than not, all four decks in a melee game will have a copy of Valar. Even duped-up dragons wither pretty fast under those circumstances. It probably doesn't help that whoever's in the lead in a melee game tends to get dogpiled.


And no offense meant, but I should point out some things which, if played wrong, would unbalance the scenario in the OP:

  1. "Add a few copies of the Queen of Dragons herself and suddenly those dragon don't bow"--but they do still kneel to Defend, and god help her if she doesn't win initiative.
  2. "the hatchling cards counting as further duplicates"-- Remember that the hatchlings must be paid for by putting them into Shadows. Then, when they are brought out of shadows, they attach as duplicates. So that will cost her gold in marshalling (and you can't reduce the cost of putting cards into Shadows with ordinary reducers.) You can't just play Rhaegal from hand and then attach a green hatchling as a dupe for 0 gold.
  3. The dragons from the QoD box all have various restrictions on their text abilities. Make sure you read them carefully and are playing them correctly.


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