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I have them all… now i have all my cards sorted in a case, by race, type, cost, loyality…

io am pretty satisfied.


there is one thing thats bothering me….


if i want to play a game with alimited card pool, like drafts in magic… is there a program which would give me an output with lets say 150 cards?

that way i would have a list of cards i would have to use to build a deck… same thing for my kolleague, then we could play …


i dont care about the core draft rules.. i just want to play like magic online league games back then when that was still possible.


of course i dont want to mix up all my cards just to do a draft game, because sorting everything to its place is quite time consuming.. i want to play more instead of seeking and sorting…


so.. any suggetions?



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InsideReticle said:

There is a post somewhere in these forums with a suggested drafting cube. You could try that!

I will see if I can find it again and edit in a link if I do.

Well this is the thread. I can't figure out how to edit posts on this forum, so here you go. I haven't tried to do any limited (either the draft format suggested in the rules or cube or any other), so I can't comment on the quality of this cube. I will say that I appreciate what the original author did in putting it together and posting it for all interested parties.

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