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Race description & traits

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Hi everyone,

I love WHI and it is my first foray into card gaming (I am aware of Magic and a few other CCGs but have never played or collected them).

As I really enjoy it and see it as a great game I am trying to pursuade more of my friends to pick it up and start playing, however they start asking a few questions that i struggle to answer.

When trying to describe it to a few of my friends they ask me to describe the traits or benefits/drawbacks of playing certain races but I am no expert with the game or races and cant seem to find anything suitable online or in the rules etc.

I am curious myself as I would love to furthur my undestanding of each race.

So I am after advice from more senior/veteran players who could probably help me with this.


Maybe if you helpful people can describe eaqch race with something like this it would be easy for me to understand and relay to my friends



Primary trait: All about attacking

Cecondary trait (if such a thing): Can be decent defenders But etc etc

Benefits: blah blah blah

Drawbacks: blah blah blah


Or something similar to the above if anyone understands what I am after

Thanks very much.

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I will give it a whirl, but I am by no means an expert, and don't claim to know the in's and out's of every race.  This is more of a general feeling I have gotten from playing against or with all the races. 



Primary:  Very quick to develop and quite capable of amassing a ton of pressure quickly.  Rush Kings

Secondary:  Really love to break your toys or bring bigger ones of their own.  Attachments all over

Benefits:  Can cripple an opponent early

Drawbacks:  Are vulnerable middle/late game and lose steam if the enemy can amass a big enough army



Primary: They do a lot with corrupting of their own units and enemy units. 

Secondary:  They also have very high direct damage and are very good at controlling the enemies board 

Benefits:  When they hurt they really really hurt.

Drawbacks:  They can hurt themselves as bad as they hurt the enemy, and can be a bit slow to start some games


Dark Elves:

Primary: Really good at control. They will just keep you from attacking them as they take chunks out of your capital

Secondary: Also have a decent mill, but it isn't very commonly played

Benefits:  Quick and effective.  Relatively cost efficicient

Drawbacks: Low HP makes it easy to kill them.  If they lose their control of the enemies board they sometimes can't recover.


High Elves:

Primary:  I play little HE, but my friend has a decent indirect damage deck.  They seem to be a very death by 1000 cuts style

Secondary:  Have the best heals in the game

Benefits: Low cost lets them develop pretty quickly in K and Q.  Put out a difficult to manage amount of indirect damage

Drawbacks:  Low HP like with Dark Elves.  Seem to develop K and Q easily and have a harder time on the Battlefield



Primary:  Very very defensive.  Toughness is your friend.  Buff power to switch quickly from defense to offense

Secondary:  Have a ton of abilities that mess with their developments. 

Benefits:  Lots of HP for a fair cost.  Have a decent ability to heal or prevent damage to their capital.

Drawbacks:  Low printed power can cause them to defend easily but not attack hard enough.  Develop slowly and steadily



Primary:  Versatility is their game.  They have the fastest developing economy hands down.  They can quickly grow too big

Secondary:  They are some of the only cards in the game with the ability to move units to different zones. 

Benefits:  Fast cheap development makes it hard for enemies to keep pace.  Movement lets them "gang up". Speed decks

Drawbacks: Jack of all trades syndrome.  They do a lot well but are true masters of nothing except maybe movement. 


That is just a very general overview from my own experiences plus some of the decks I have seen people in the community make.  I don't claim to be an expert in any capacity and would love for other members of the community to weigh in if they have more experience and can add to the discussion.  I hope that helps.

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