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Execution of Psychic Powers. Summoning.

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I have created a 1st level Warrior Psyker to see how he plays and oh my God he was brokenly powerful !!! 

I kind of think that Psykers are unbalanced.

Can someone please explain me step by step how I use a Psychic Power because I think that I do something very wrong.

For example, what are the steps to use the Psychokinetic Impact in page 198? Or the power Shatter !

Is it considered an attack and if it hits the target loses his actions? What defence the target rolls and which penalties apply? The blinded and the fired Projectiles penalties together? Can the damage be increased by the roll of the Psychic Projection?

Also, if I roll a psychic Potential roll of 85 do I succeed a difficult level(120) in the effect area of the Psychic Power?I ask this weird question because the example in page 192 in the Use Of Psychic Powers confused me utterly!

Last,I made a Dark Paladin also and it seemed almost impossible to summon an entity of level 1 (I have summoning 75).Is summoning supposed to be that dificult? 

How can you choose an element for the elementalism option?Do creatures have an associated element?

So many questions! Please a brave soul just try to explain these to me!

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I could try to answer your Psychic, but since I have never played one, I will leave that to someone who knows it. Summoning, on the other hand, can be very difficult, especially if you are a Dark Paladin, who has to pay 3 for all of your summoning abilities besides Control, which really limits your skill level, and guzzels up you DP. If you wanted to a more effective summoner, I would suggest making the character a Warrior Summoner, who will be able to get higher Supernatural Abilities at a much lower cost.

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The steps to using a power are as follows:

1) Decide which power (or powers) you are going to use: Let us assume your just going to use only one, and it is Psychiokinetic Impact.

2) Divide up your Psychic Potential between the powers you are goin to use: Lets say you have a 40, and since we are only using Psychokinetic Impact it all goes to it.

3) Make a Psychic Potential roll for each power used: Since you are using one, you make one roll, and add 40 to it. Lets just say you roll an 80, and so you get a Final Result of 120, which is Difficult. That means the Impact Strength is 10.

4) Next, target an opponent and roll Psychic Projection: Wether you make one or 20 Psychic Projection checks, you never suffer a penalty to it, like Magic Projection, at least from mutiple uses of it at least.

5) Determine the effect: In order to affect a target, you must get a 10% or greater damage. Should you do so, you go on to the effect. In this case, an Impact of 10. Impacts are better detailed in Dominus Exxet, but in general, they casue a person to get knocked back. Make an opposed characteristic check agasint the targer, using your Impact Strength of 10 against their Stength. If they fail the check, they get knocked back a distance based on their margin of failure. Additionally, they woudl take 30 damage,  and anything that the GM might think fits (say if they get knocked off a ledge and fall, or are slammed into a wall of spikes).

Basically, Psychic Potential determines the level of the power, and Psychic Projection determines how well it targets others.

The Dark Paladin is the kinda guy who doesn't summon, but when he crossed paths with a supernatural entity, he seizes control of it, and uses it to his advantage.

In order to choose elementalism, you do so at the beginign, when making your character. You gain the bonuses to the element you choose, and suffers the penalty against all other elements, and a larger one agasint its opposing element. Aire, Earth, Fire and Water are the usual elements, but Light and Darkness are Elements as well.

If a creature is of an elemental nature, its Category will say Elemental, and somewhere in its stats or description it will state what kind of elemental.


Hope this all help!

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