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Android+Blade Runner Comix

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Hi all!

Im Kraken(Gothic). Im great  fan of all grimdark movies and games.

Sorry for bad english, im not native americano and use "Google Translate".


I greatly like the original "Blade runner" movie, and i has long dreamed of starting to make comics for this beautiful and dark cyberpunk universe.

Since I am not an official and commercial publisher, i can publish comics on a single universe, connecting the events of Blade Runner and Android.

In addition, I am less constrained by censorship and I can openly say what the authors decided not to show in Blade Runner and Android.


A small preliminary sketch

Q: Djinn, performing any desire owners, good or evil?
A: To the ancient philosopher Plato stated that the axe is not good or evil - they can cut wood, and can be human heads. On this Plato said that of the people who consider wood and head equivalent make very good torturers and murderers.
Unfortunately people do not always want the good to each other. Therefore, if a djinn blindly performs both the good and the bad will of the people with him in the world will come great evil.

In the near future, mankind has created a "strong AI", soon on its basis were created robots designed to be a perfect servant to the people.
Smart, polite, obedient and incredible hard-working, they at first seemed a dream in reality. However, it soon began to turn a dream into a nightmare.

It all started very well. Small dutch company «Haas Neuronics» led by Rebecca van Haas, producing neural network equipment, almost accidentally discovered an algorithm which allows to easily and effectively create a "strong AI." Soon after, the first robots were created on the basis of the AI, which were obedient, intelligent, easily and gladly trained to any job, and most importantly - on the effectiveness of it many times superior to people without the need for a salary.

This helped to quickly solve the main problem of the European economy - cheap Asian goods ravaged European manufacturers. With the advent of the robots everything was the opposite - European goods are much cheaper than the Asian and the flow is incredibly cheap goods flowed in a completely opposite direction, starting already ravage Asian manufacturers.

At an emergency meeting of Asian manufacturers, it was decided that this situation will soon lead to disaster for the whole of Asia, and has been offered a huge reward for the one who can help solve the problem. Soon, scientists from the Japanese «Jinteki» on technology-based cloning and genetic improvements have created artificial people that are far superior to the ordinary humans. They were named "sintoids".


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