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Dust Tactics Regional Event Prizes:

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I had a chance to go through the prize package provided by FFG for the Dust Tactics regional …

and wasn't too happy. Not enough goodies for my taste.

So, I'm working with the Compleat Strategist (our host) to see what else FFG can come up with.

Also, the store and I will kick in some goodies ourselves to spice up the offerings.

Of course the fun is the game, but we all want to go home with a neat goodie bag, don't we? smile.gif

A reminder: the event is SATURDAY, MAY 25TH from 9:30 AM to whenever we're done. 

CALL (212) 685-3880 to register

300 point armies, I have armies to lend.

There will be complete beginners playing so I'll modify the ranking for those who attend and want to compete.

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