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chaos chaos

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Deck Created with Android: Netrunner Deck Builder

Chaos Theory: Wunderkind (Cyber Exodus) 
Total Cards: (40)
Event (14)
Tinkering (Core #37) x3 
Modded (Core #35) x2 
Diesel (Core #34) x3 
The Maker's Eye (Core #36) x3 
Test Run (Cyber Exodus #47) x3 
Hardware (8)
The Personal Touch (Core #40) x2 
Akamatsu Mem Chip (Core #38) x2 
Dinosaurus (Cyber Exodus #48) x2 
Cyberfeeder (Core #5) x2
Program (9)
Magnum Opus (Core #44) x1 
Battering Ram (Core #42) x1 
Gordian Blade (Core #43) x1 
Pipeline (Core #46) x1 
Corroder (Core #7) x1 
Mimic (Core #11) x1
Medium (Core #10) x1
Yog.0 (Core #14) x1 
Femme Fatale (Core #26) x1 
Resource (9)
Aesop's Pawnshop (Core #47) x1 
Sacrificial Construct (Core #48) x2 
Personal Workshop (Cyber Exodus #49) x3 
Ice Carver (Core #15) x1 
Crash Space (Core #30) x1 
Public Sympathy (Cyber Exodus #50) x1 
Influence Values Totals - 
 Anarch: 12 
 Criminal: 3
 Shaper: 71
My plan with this deck was to use the smaller minimum size to ensure i get core cards like test run and tinker quickly, also those cards help deal with the splashed programs.
I also really like the idea of pairing yog.0 and dinosours . this is my first time biulding a deck for net runner, i only have one coreset and the cyber exodus pack.

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Are you married to Yog.0 + Dinosaurus as your main combo? Because having less than maximum cards to get it is not a good start. Although I appreciate you are aiming for a "toolbox" approach of keeping your options open.

While the combo is good in theory, against the decks you face, what code gate does a 5 strength Yog.0 open that a 3 strength does not? Chum can be ignored if you can break the next ice. Viper can be beaten on the trace that matters (if you have a Magnum Opus economy). You can jack-out after Bullfrog moves you, assuming you guess wrong. Hourglass only forces you to run on last click. In the end, the most common code gates you face are Enigma, Tollbooth, Pop-Up Window and Viktor in HB. And Yog.0 + Dinosauraus alone does not improve your game against them.

Yes, you can Tinker another 5 strength ice (so not Archer, Heimdall or Hardian's Wall) to break it for free with your combo. But that is at most 3 times in the game. It's a limited non-recurring combo.

The Yog.0 + Dinosaurus combo is for the new Shaper identity Riele "Kit" Peddler in Creation & Control who has the ability "the first ice you encounter each turn is also a code gate for that turn". Look her up in the Creation & Control preview on this site. Because this is such a powerful ability, she only has 10 influence for balance.

The point about Chaos Theory is, unlike Kate, she travels light (she has the 5 MU needed for Magnum Opus + 3 different breakers) and assembling her rig should be quicker (as she runs with 40 cards). That means running the best pumping decoder Gordian Blade (in faction), the best pumping fracter Corroder and leveraging the "Test Run for Femme Fatale" combo, granting a targetable benefit similar to Inside Job.

Other combos include leaving your breakers fermenting in Workshops and bringing the right one out mid-run using the Workshop's credit ability, even a slow-fermenting Femme to bypass the ice you just encountered that you can't deal with it. Also you can Stimhack, discarding a random card (Test Run always searches trash first) for 9 credits that you can then use mid-run to bring hardware and programs off your Workshop! But most importantly, it is the Femme Fatale (which is so expensive to pump) that hosts the Personal Touches and is hosted by the Dinosaurus. A Femme on Dinosaurus breaks Ichi, Data Raven, Uroboros, Neural Katana, Caduceus, Hunter, all the usual sentries without paying for pumping. While if it is ever raised to 6 strength, it even matches Archer. Of course it can still be pumped if needed. Finding Dinosaurus effectively gives you space for a a 2nd Femme Fatale (not used as your killer) to bypass that second Tollbooth for a cost of 1.

So based on a card pool of 1 Core + Cyber Exodus, I recommend this build for Chaos Theory.


Chaos Theory: Wunderkind (40 cards)

15/15 influence: •••••••••••••••

Event (18)

·         3 Diesel 

·         3 Infiltration 

·         3 Stimhack •••

·         3 Test Run 

·         3 The Maker's Eye 

·         3 Tinkering 

Hardware (8)

·         3 Cyberfeeder •••

·         3 Dinosaurus 

·         2 The Personal Touch 

Resource (5)

·         1 Aesop's Pawnshop 

·         1 Ice Carver •••

·         3 Personal Workshop 

Icebreaker (7)

·         2 Corroder ••••

·         2 Femme Fatale ••

·         3 Gordian Blade 

Program (2)

·         2 Magnum Opus 


The main thing when playing this build is to mulligan if you don't see Magnum Opus (you ideally need 3 in the deck, not just the 2 found in 1 Core set) or Test Run. If you don't have Magnum Opus, your first Test Run is for it. It is the bed rock of your economy that you look for with Diesel and Test Run.

However, you have a lot of other economy cards, 3x Personal Workshop (slow but allows mid-run installs), Stimhack (to spend into Workshop taking a minimal safe run and jacking out) and Pawn Shop (to sell Blades and Corroders about to be replaced by a duplicate fermenting in a Workshop as well as spare Workshops in late game).

There are also many cards to make you run very cost-efficiently. Ice Carver, Dinosaurus, Personal Touch and Cyberfeeder all make sure that your runs cost as little as possible.

Tinkering can be used with Gordian Blade's "rest of the run" ability to save a few credits. But its main use is to ambush the Corp who sees you have the wrong breaker out and tries to rush through an early agenda behind some cheap end-the-run ice that does not match your breaker (e.g. Wall of Static when you have Gordian Blade out).

The Maker's Eye is one of your main attack cards (be careful of multiple Snare! so overdraw to 6 cards before if you suspect them or wait until the Corp is too broke to activate multiples at 4 each).

Diesel is your card draw burst and that leaves Infiltration, almost always used to expose cards in servers. Because once you have Magnum Opus and your full breaker suite assembled with some of the support to make runs cheaper, the only thing that can stop you are Ambushes.

The deck above is very competitive, even though it is built with just 1 Core set and 1 data pack. If you can beg a 3rd Magnum Opus, a 3rd Corroder, a 3rd Femme Fatale and a 3rd Personal Touch off a friend (swap them in for the 3 Cyberfeeders and the Pawn Shop), you will have a very consistent deck that quickly assembles, ambushes early scoring attempts with Tinkering and works off a Magum Opus economy of 2 credits per click, making all other economy cards unnecessary. When Chaos has the 4 programs it needs assembled, she never needs to draw again except to replenish health. She just clicks for Opus credits and runs until game end.

I hope this reply has given you food for thought and it has helped you refine your Chaos Theory deck to suit your own tastes, as everyone has their own styles and preferences, which I fully respect. After all, it's all about you having fun. Good luck with your own build.



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thanks for the responce! 

this was my first time biulding a deck and i have only played twice much of your info was great to know. 

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Something else to consider is that with your many "1 of" programs, you either need to add multiple copies of them for the sake of consistency/redundancy or run a few more expose effects to keep them from being wrecked by aggressive secretary, archer, roto-turret, ichi… (or any of the above ice supported by corporate trouble shooter)

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