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Kyu Kage

150 Point Imperial Squadron

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Greetings All.

Wanted to share an experimental fleet I cooked up for a couple of games.

It’s 150 Points, so a little bit over the normal, but the results are powerful.

The inspiration for the fleet was two squads with a floater.
Vader leads a task force that either punishes Imperials or assassinates Rebels.
Maarek Stele backs him up, leading the second Squad of TIE’s.
"Howlrunner" keeps the ties in line, making sure they protect the Advanced’s. He moves between the two groups as needed.
Four Black Squadron Pilot’s round out the roster, two for each of the Advanced’s, providing covering fire and ablative armour.

Everyone has Marskmanship, except  for "Howlrunner" who gets Squad Leader.

Each group picks a target and pounds them till they are gone, then picks another one.

Targets of opportunity are ignored over the main target at the time, unless they are already dealt with.


What do people think?

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