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Do You Still Struggle? / The Game's Increasing Difficulty

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I would put your quote in quotes but the last time (and only time) I tried doing the quote thing, I somehow got both quotes and my words in the quote……

anyways, hey Rich, Have you beaten any of the 2-3 Numenor quests yet?  Just curious since I've always been so interested in HoN (I dont own it) due to its "Pirates of the Carribean" themed first quest, and the other ones that many people had on their top 5 list in the past thread.


Khamooooool ;)   (I hate when people think its pronounced camel :P

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thanks for all the replies everyone. i wont reply to all your points right now as im limited in time, but i have been reading them, so thanks.

@khamul. i still havnt beaten them, but i havnt really been trying. i have been building new decks with the new cards i have, and i do not think any of them are suitable for numenor. i will get beat them one day though- i may put together a deck specific for them when i get stewards fear (still not in my store yet)


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