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Edmonton's Highlander Tourney - April 12 2009

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Alright, Edmontons first tourney since Hockey Grail's closed its doors

It will be

Sunday, April 12 2009 from 1pm - 4pm
Sou Kawaii
12923 -97st
Edmonton, Alberta

first 20 players to sign up for the tourney will recieve the  new Non Foil Promo Sora Lvl 2, prizes are yet to be determined but will consist of the Foil Sora and Kairi promos also provied in the prize pack.


its also going to be a demo day to attract new players

 if you have friends who like kingdom hearts encourgae them to come learn how to play, free starter decks will be handed out to thoese interested (while supplies last)


also look for the facebook group


Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game: Edmonton Players


hope to see you there

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we had a turn out of 10 players for our tourney, it was great fun, thanks to Sou Kawaii for staying open later for us to be able to finish up

our winners were

Greg - Gtrogi - Regina - 1st place

Garett - dutpod - Calgary - 2nd place

Nemo - Eroecchi - Edmonton - 3rd place


it was a good success hopefully we'll get a better turn out next time if its not on a holiday, but after talking to the owner of Sou Kawaii we def will have more.

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I'd definatly come again, it was awsome, nemo, and thanks again for setting everything up!!!

And everyone who didn't come should totally come next time, totally worth it !!!!!!

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