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Declaring Active Actions at the start of a battle round.Multiple attacks and penalties.Ranged Weapon's damage.

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I am a new GM in Anima:Beyond Fantasy and I have some questions as I am reading the rulebook.

First: As a combat round starts when the possible multiple Active Actions from characters should be declared?After everyone rolls for Initiative?And if so, who declares first?

Second: Does the players that want to do more than one actions declare the number and the type of the action at that point?If he anounces that he will do three actions he must make these actions during his turn?

Third:Can he declares that he will do one of the possible active actions more than one in his turn?I ask this because in the example at page 82 the example character Celia declares that she will do two attacks in her turn without having the right, from the example's description, to do so.

Fourth: If anyone declares that he will do two attacks in his turn and those attacks become counterattacks because two enemies with better Initiative attacked him does the second counter attack takes the normal - 25 penalty becuse that player declared two actions?

Fifth: If a player do 2 attacks because he has two weapons in hand and wants to make another one attack because he has 110 Attack ability, where the penalties from doing so many attacks apply?

In an example in the book a character makes the original attack at -25.The extra attack derived from the 110 point in his attack ability he makes at -25 also.Finally the attack with the second weapon has -25 penalty and -40 because he attacked with a secondary weapon.Is this right?

Sixth: When you make an attack with a ranged fired weapon (such as a bow) do you apply your Strength modifier on the ammunition's damage to calculate the damage of the weapon?

Thanks in advance! This RPG looks much promising!

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Okay, I will try to answer the questions HOW my groups rules them:

To 1. and 2.: We are playing that everybody automaticly declares his maximum on active action. Reason is, that there is no penalty if you don't use them and the penalty for additional actions exists after an actions is taken (for the penalty for additional actions it isn't important to know how many actions are following, it is only important to know how many actions were used before).

To 3.: an attack action and an attack are to different things in this system. Usually you can only use an action only one time per turn (you can only take one move action (because otherwise, you could run two or more times your maximum per round). But a character could have more than one attack per round. This aren't attack actions but attacks, which are used for counterattacks and for the attack action. For example, if a character has 2 attacks, he could use them for two counterattacks, or one counterattack and one attack or both for his attack action.

To 4.: Now back to the difference between actions and attacks: For additional actions, every following action get a cumulative -25 penalty. Means: first action gets none, second action -25, thrid action -50 and so on. With additional attacks this is a little bit different: the penalty for additional attacks is on ALL attacks this round. So if he declares he will use two attacks, BOTH attacks get the -25. It doesn't matter if they are used for counterattacking or an attack action. You can also say, his attack ability is reduced by 25 points this round.

To 5.:Similar to 4: The additional attack malus applies to all attacks. It applies also to second hand attacks. Therefore: His first attack would with -25, his second attack with -25 and his second hand attack with -65 (-25 for additional attacks and -40 for second hand).

To 6.: To bows and throwing weapons: AFAIK yes. To weapons like crossbow: They have their own strength value for calculation of distance and damage modifier. There is also the rule that normal weapons can't use the modifiers of a strength of 11, because it would be to strong for the weapon/ammunition.


Most was out of the memory and the answer to 1 and 2 was the houserule of my group.

So long,

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I think your main problem here is that all attacks made my a character in a round count as only a single action. It says this specifically on Page 84 of the Anima: Beyond Fantasy core book. Just like multiple spells cast in one round count as a single action and multiple psychic powers used in one round count as a single action.

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