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Beast Handler Specialty

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This is something I have been working on.  I got thinking of modern Military Working Dog teams as I was preparing for an upcoming Only War campaign I am going to be running.  When I was in Iraq, these dog teams were serious money makers, absolutely invaluable to the mission.  For this specialty, I use the term "beast" to describe a wide variety of creatures that could be used across the Imperium.

Beast Handler

Characteristic Bonus:  +5 Perception

Starting Aptitudes:  Strength, Perception, Agility, Feildcraft, Defense, Social

Starting Skills:  Awareness, Athletics or Dodge, Intimidate

Starting Talents:  Weapon Training (Las or Solid Projectile, Low Tech), Double Team

Specialist Equipment:  Obedience Collar and Remote, Beast Med Kit

Wounds:  9+1d5


Comrade Advances

The Beast Handler's Comrade is not a human being, but a mid sized beast.  Some may take the form of large hunting dogs, a carnivorous lizard, or whatever is appropriate for the background of your unit.  The beast cannot receive orders from the Sergeant or anyone else but the Handler, and there are not benefits from having the Commissar execute the beast (killing the beast defeats the purpose of deploying the Handler to begin with, and many units regard well bred and trained war beasts as more valuable than your average guardsman).  Also Medicae tests performed on the beast without a Beast Med Kit are performed at -20.  Obviously, the Beast cannot perform Ranged Volley actions.


Bomb Sniffer

Type:  Order (Half Action)

Cost:  250

Effect:  The Beast uses its keen sense of smell to detect hidden explosive devices.  The Handler gains +20 on Awareness rolls to detect hidden traps.  It is ultimately up to the GM to decide if enemy devices, particularly advanced xenos technology, is beyond the sensory capabilities of the animal.


Blood Hound

Type:  Order (Half Action)

Cost:  200

Effect:  The Beast is used to root out enemy ambushes, or to track down those who would evade the Emperor's wrath.  The Handler gains +20 on Awareness checks to detect ambushes or track down enemies.


Scent of the Unnatural

Type:  Order (Half Action)

Cost:  300

Effect:  Beasts are often sensitive to the presence of warp.  The handler may use this order to count as having the Psyniscience Skill.


Pack Hunter

Type:  Passive

Cost:  200

Effect:  The Beast and Handler have achieved an extremely close bond, being able to read each other in combat to devastating effect.  The Character gains an additional +10 to his Melee attack rolls when the Beast is ordered into Close Quarters.

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I actually like this speciality, I may borrow it and possibly change it a bit if you dont mind.


The only thing I think would make it better is an idea from HOTE and their rules for creating mounts.  However, with the animal being a "companion" their stats are mostly irrelevent, so not sure how to reconcile the 2.

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