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Looking for Feedback on some Works-In-Progress

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Hey all, long time lurker / first time poster here!

I decided to start working on a group of Ancient Ones, Heralds, and Guardians based on various internet cat celebrities, and joking aside, am curious what you guys think. Would they actually be fun to play against? Are any of them too easy/hard/complicated?

Colonel Meow, Ancient One

Nyan Cat, Ancient One

Speedy Cat, Herald

Tardar Sauce, Herald

Tacgnol, Herald

Longcat, Guardian



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Ratehr than internet memes, I'd be more inclined to include cats from the fictional sources (e.g. "Old Tom of Ulthar" found in Chaosium's Dreamlands, The Siamese from "A Dream of One Thousand Cats" or Macavity form "Old Possom's Book of Practical Cats")

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