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Full CoC Spoiler in Excel Spreadsheet

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The spreadsheet has 2 tabs (at the bottom). The first is the database. The second is a sheet for a deck. You can make a copy of that tab to record multiple decks. On the deck sheet, only fill in the two yellow shaded columns and the rest will be populated automatically. I recommend copying the card names from teh db, because they have to match exactly for the automatic population. Stats for the deck are provided at the top.


The database is sortable. Each header has a drop down that allows you to select a subset of cards. If you want to choose more than 2 possible choices for a column, say faction, select "custom" and then in the pop-up, set the boxes and radio buttons to equals Faction1 -OR- equals Faction2.  Warnign, do not resort the db as it must be sorted by Name in order for the deck tab to work properly.

This spreadsheet is pretty powerful at searching and filtering cards.  If you have any questions, let me know.

At this time, the spreadsheet has not been updated for the Core set reprints.


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