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Screams from Within COC Asylum Pack and Bleeding Sun Warhammer Battle Packs to trade

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So I ended up with too many packs when I ordered a few things this week

I have:

4 Call of Cthulu Screams from Within Asylum packs

7 Warhammer: Invasion Bleeding Sun Battle packs


This is the complete list of cards I need. I will trade packs 1 for 1 on any 60 card battle pack and 2 for 3 for any of the 40 card packs (2 of my packs for 3 copies of any Dreamlands or Corruption Cycle pack set on this list)


Please email me: if you want to make a trade to ensure that I get the message :)


Call of Cthulu

Asylum Pack 1 - Summons of the Deep
Spawn of the Sleeper
Horror Beneath the Surface
The Antedeluvian Dreams
The Thing from the Shore
The Path to Y'ha-nthlei

Asylum Pack 2 - Dreamlands
Twlilight Horror (3/6)
In Memory of Day (3/6)
In the Dread of Night (3/6)
Search for the Silver Key (3/6)
Sleep of the Dead (3/6)
Journey to Unknown Kadath (3/6)

Asylum Pack 3 - The Yuggoth Contract
Whispers in the Dark (2)
Murmurs of Evil (2)
The Cacophany (2)

Asylum Pack 4 - Rituals of the Order
Aspriations of Ascension
The Gleaming Spiral
That Which Consumes

Warhammer: Invasion

Battle Pack 1 - The Corruption Cycle
Path of the Zealot (3/6)
Tooth & Claw (3/6)
The Deathmaster's Dance (3/6)
The Warpstone Chronicles (3/6)

Android: Netrunner

Data Pack 1 - Genesis
A Study in Static

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