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NEWS: Dark Alignments of Planets and Stars

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Latest news article needs an errata.

"Whateley’s Diary (Dunwich Denizens, 77) can transfer the success tokens you place on your Fated characters to cards where they are more useful."

Unfortunately it does not work with characters - only between stories - and therefore does not work directly with non-story Fated cards at all, which the article then acknowledges as it goes on to try and correct itself…

"The game’s FAQ (pdf, 12.0 MB) prevents players from redistributing success tokens across different types of cards, meaning that you can’t move your success tokens from your Fated character to a story."

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Yeah, since it specifically says to redistribute success tokens among stories in the text of Whateley's Diary, I was surprised that it allows you to move them between characters and supports. Especially given the FAQ:


Can I use Whateley’s Diary (Forgotten 
Lore F77)to move 5 success tokens 
on Ritual of Summoning and 5 more 
success tokens on Ritual of the Lance, 
to automatically win 2 stories?
No. Whateley’s Diary asks for you to 
redistribute your success tokens onto 
story cards in play. Redistribute means 
to take from one set of sources and 
place them in new amounts amongst 
that same set of sources.
(2.5) “Redistribute”
When a card effect directs you to 
redistribute tokens you cannot switch 
tokens between players. You cannot 
redistribute tokens from story cards to 
non-story card or from non-story cards 
to story cards unless the card effect 
specifically says otherwise.


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