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1. there is radio (RADIO COMMAND) missing from TPW VI-C “PRINZLUTHER" stat line in cb hades

2.point value of HORTEN HO-347.III “FLEDERMAUS III” should be revisited (compare to P-48X)

3. the biggest issue that axis have right now is under-performance of their army defying feature "laser" weaponry.

hard cap on re-rolls broke math and from DT high risk - high reward, in DW we have high risk - mediocre effects

High Visibility Laz upgrade tried to adders issue but :

a: obligatory upgrade is just bad rule design (through taking tactical choices)

b: raisining point value of already overpriced units


i understand that removing hard cap requires upgrading lots of related rules.

i understand that revising point cost of laser units would be hard task, none less some fix is required 


my proposed solution.

all LASER weapon get new special rule:

High energy setting -double dice for attack - reload token - resolve spray/1 attack if inf,or 1/1 attack if vehicle -against HES using unit

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I disagree with your  "proposals".  Lasers are just fine.  It is hard to understand your arguments when you do not type complete words or sentences.

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