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Heraldic class skills are characterized by a passive effect and active effect. As long as you are prepared such skills, passive effect will always exist until the initiative. Once the use of the coat of arms, the active effect is triggered and enter the CD. Cd time, passive does not have an effect. The heraldic class skills cd longer than that. Therefore, the use heraldic class skills should weigh whether or not to remain passive effects or trigger active effect.
Passive: the phantom of the maximum value of life. Activate: reply crushed cooldown. 90cd. sell diablo 3 gold
This heraldic skills to improve survival is good. Especially for those who rely heavily on illusion illusionist. Active effect of the cooling time to reply to all crushed skills with other skills can be a good match. Crushed phantom four roles, the coat of arms to be later further research.

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