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Dividing the core set between 2 players, how?

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Me and a pal have bought the core set to play casual. We want to divide the 7 fractions between us in a good way so we get it as balanced and fun as possible.

First we thought about to divide them like this:



Miskatonic University
The Agency
(Silver Twilight in the future)


But then icons seems to not be evenly dividied between us (the first gruop has very few book icons for example). Is the combination of a couple of "monster fraction" and a couple of "people fraction" best, and how? Would be very grateful for suggestions from you experienced players.


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You will want to mix mythos and human factions and not separate them between the two of you as that will leave each of you weak in certain areas.

Better mix would be 2 mythos and 2 human each if you want to split things more evenly.

I would separate Agency and Cthulhu as they are both really good at combat.

So maybe go with:

Hastur/Miskatonic (work well together and tearing up regionals, makes up for Miskatonic weakness to terror)

Cthulhu/Syndicate (Cthulhu is good at destruction and Syndicate has tricks

Shub-Niggurath/Agency (lots of acceleration and combat)

Yog-Sothoth/Order (Yog helps to recur some of Orders tricks)

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