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Voivodes and Grenades

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Hey guys, picked up Tannhauser yesterday and thinkit's grand. Couple of questions about rules regarding voivodes and grenades though:


1 - Does throwing a grenade get hindered by, or in any other way effect, areas effected by smoke grenades? A corridor was smoked, meaning the Reich couldn't attack normally, but the Union were able to grenade us because the wording for smoke grenades is "can only attack", but throwing a grenade is an action not an attack. This seemed… Illogical at best.


2 - Does a Voivode pair count as one troop or two troops? So could your team for the Matriarchy be "3 heroes and 4 voivodes" or is it "3 heroes and 2 voivodes / 1 hero and 4 voivodes"?


I hope I've worded them well enough, and any help would be appreciated :)

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