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Items and Quirks

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Hey there,


OK, so recently I started working on my latest Dark Heresy Character and got to the part with Quirks. I have never been much for pre-made stuff, I like to make up my own character and put some work in to it not just roll a dice, and going through the list I felt like I have used most of it on other characters already and when trying to come up with my own things it didn't quite feel right for the character.

So therefore I thought I would try something new and involve other people in my creation. Get other peoples ideas because sometimes you are limited by your own mind.


What funny or interesting quirks is there? Other than the ones in the book. Or interesting variations of the standard ones, that works too.

Have you created interesting quirks or developed them during the game? Please tell we why and how they came to be.



And another thing is personal items. Something very dear and treasured by a character. Any ideas to what that could be? Preferably with a story to why that particular item is so dear.


Looking forward to see what you guys come up with.


PS. I deliberately didn't write anything about my character because I don't want anything to be limited because she is a certain class or play a certain roll in the cell. I want to know everything, without limitations.

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Some quirks past characters of mine had that I enjoyed roleplaying.

One guy was never without his pipe. He was always criticizing characters smoking lho-sticks, calling them uncultured Squig lovers. He wasn't very good at disguising himself. To roleplay it, I played every session with a pipe in my mouth, forcing myself to speak around it.

Another character was paranoid and he refused to stay in any room that didn't have at least two exits, and he wouldn't sit anywhere he couldn't see all the exits. It was a pain in the ass, but he did save the party from an ambush, so they accepted his quirks after that.

I also once played a hardboiled alcoholic Arbitrator. He was perpetually drunk, and the party had to be sure to never let him be in control of the finances, as he would spend it all as quickly as he could on whatever local brew he could find.

As for items, I like specialty consumables the character will eventually have to hunt down. Maybe the character smokes a particularly rare brand of lho-sticks and is constantly looking out for more or he has a collection of soil from every world he's been to that he will eventually take home.

Hope you like any of those ideas.

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