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Jake yet again

Blood on the tracks - Synopsis

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I'm afraid I don't really have time to develop this one, but thought I'd post it here in case anyone else wanted to have a crack at it….


A brief synopsis for an Arkham Horror custom expansion.

An expedition size board with three towns connected not by roads, but by railway tracks. The only way to reach each town is by train. There are no arrows on the railway tracks.

Each town should be a stable location.

The first town is Green Town, from the works of Ray Bradbury, specifically Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked This Way Comes. This has the special ability: Dandelion Wine – After having an encounter here, roll dice equal to the total amount of Sanity and Stamina you have lost. Restore one Sanity or Stamina for each success rolled.

The second town should be from the works of Stephen king. I recommend Castle Rock although a case could be made for Jerusalem’s Lot or Derry. Special ability: Needful Things – After having an encounter here, you may choose to draw up to five Common or Unique Items. You must then purchase one of them. If you cannot, lose an amount of Sanity equal to the number of cards you drew.

The third town is a little harder to choose. Options include Providence (which isn’t fictitious, but does appear in the Case of Charles Dexter Ward and The Shunned House), Stepford (Ira Levin’s perfect community, however it is somewhat out of its time-frame), Sleepy Hollow (Irving Washington, this is out of the time-frame in the other direction), Potter’s Bluff (from Dead and Buried) and Hobbs End (See ) Let’s go for Hobb’s End for the time being and have some fun referring to un-chosen locations in the encounter cards. Ability. Exchange: You may not travel to Green Town or Castle Rock directly, but must travel via Hobb’s End. For Aesthetics you may want to make Hobb’s End the central town.

NB. Travelling by train is going to be money intensive on the investigator team. Each location should have at least ¼ of the encounters provide money (and sizable amounts too). It’s probably worth having a few free rides back to Arkham and opportunities to gain Rail Passes too.


After the Mythos Phase, a Menace card is drawn. This shows one of the three locations – Green Town, Castle Rock and Hobbs End. The First Player rolls two dice and compares the result to the number of Menace Tokens at that location.

If the result is less than or equal to the number of Menace Tokens, a monster appears at each stable location that is in the same neighbourhood as the gate shown on the Mythos card. (Exception: Monsters will never appear at St Mary’s Hospital or Arkham Asylum) These monsters ignore the Monster Limit.

If the result is greater than the number of Menace Tokens at a location, add a number of Menace Tokens to that location equal to half the number of players + 1.



Menace Tokens












(You might want to put this at the side of the board)

If an investigator is at a location during the Arkham Encounters Phase, they automatically remove all Menace Tokens from that location, but must then add a number of Menace tokens equal to the number of seals in play. Hence it is possible that near the end of the game, visiting a low menace location is more likely to generate Menace Tokens than remove them.

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