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So I'm working on a DB for storing card details in so I can query and test deckbuilding ideas out. I've bought 3 sets of every Netrunner set that has come out to date. So I can check any card needed. What I'm trying to figure out is how to setup my DB on a few card specifics.

In the Netrunner Rulesbook it breaks down the cards and their individual pieces on pages 8-11. It has the Anatomy Key which lists out a few fields that I'm unclear on.

The first field I'm tweaking on is "Title/Subtitle" which, I get. It makes sense. Partially. I understand that you can only have 3 of any one card (identified by Title) but I can't come up with a card that has a Subtitle?! I'm wondering if I need to create a field for storing the subtitle or if it is just part of the Title?

For instance…

Will a card ever have a title like "The Hammer" but have multiple versions like…

"The Hammer" with subtitle "and nail"

and then

"The Hammer" with subtitle "of Thor"

meaning both cards are the same card (because the title is the same) but variants (because of the subtitle).

I'm probably going to just use a sub-title field but I can't even find a card that HAS a subtitle.

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