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Robby Stark

a little rant on rule by decree

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open to discussions of course but first my little rant:
we all know this game needs reset-cards to prevent players to overextend on round one and stomp everything on following rounds. valar is fine, bleed is anoying but also fine but I have a a bit of a problem with rule by decree. here is, according to me, the ''correct'' way to use decree, that the developpers probably had in mind when they printed the card. poor baratheon guy can't draw any cards and keeps losing int, while lannister guy has cache and tommen in play and 12 cards in hand. lannister is making good use of his hand superiority and is winning the game with his events. thats when decree is an interesting option for baratheon. for a round or two his opponent won't have that many events to play and baratheon can get back into the game. using it as a ''reset'' when you got stomped so hard in intrigue, as valar is a reset when you get stomped hard in military. if decree is supposed to be a reset, why doesn't it say, like most reset cards, ''all players discard cards until they have 4 in hand''. Or maybe ''the player with most cards discards until he has as many as the player with the least cards''. 
the problem is, most of the time that's not how players use decree. instead, decree is played aggressively in combination with snow of winter or counting favors, to force your opponent to have many cards in hand, then comes the decree. to compensate, they had to restrict an otherwise mediocre card, threath from the east, because of how broken that combo was (it had to do with the draw cap, couting favors something something citadel and your opponent ended up with only one card in hand)
and then there's that little additional text on decree that's getting on my nerves. I feel its taunting me on purpose. ''cannot be canceled''. to my knowledge there is only one card that can even cancel decree, that one card being an unreliable, zero-initiative plot card. is there a reason rule by decree is the only card with that text? I mean, outwitting valar is insta-win, why is it decree that needs ''cannot be canceled'' and that was my little rant

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